Event: Job Searching in Denmark: On how to get a job as an international in Denmark

Gain knowledge and tools for your job search in Danish labor market from an experienced expert and expat – career consultant for internationals, Kate Dahl.

Kate Dahl will use her own experience being an American in Denmark as a starting point for giving you general advice on how to go about job searching in Denmark.

Karina Weidner
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28. sep. 2023, 16.00 - 17.45
  • Through the story of her successes and failures, Kate Dahl will focus on the importance of having intercultural and interpersonal communication skills training and present strategies for internationals to communicate their value to Danish companies. The motivational talk will give tips and tricks on the following themes: 
    - how to best brand yourself as an international 
    - how to communicate your value to Danish companies 
    - how to establish and gain employment in the Danish labor market 
    - present various job search strategies that work for internationals in Denmark 
    At the event, you will meet Kate Dahl, a career consultant for internationals in Denmark. She is the founder and CEO of Career Denmark ApS. She is well-known in Denmark for helping internationals and organizations in giving comprehensive trainings and workshops on how to job search in the Danish cultural context and how to adapt to the Danish working environment. Before starting her company, she worked in the sales field for various companies in Denmark and has lived in Denmark for 8+ years.