The residence requirement (re-establish your membership)

The Government has decided to repeal the residence requirement for eligibility of unemployment benefits. If you have terminated your membership due to this requirement, you have the opportunity to re-establish your membership retroactively with the unemployment insurance fund.

Due to the removal of the residence requirement, members that have resided outside of Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Island, Switzerland and the EU/EEA will no longer be exempted from receiving unemployment benefits from February 1, 2020.

Re-establish your membership retroactively

If you have terminated your membership due to the residence requirement, you have the opportunity to re-enroll again retroactively.  

The opportunity applies to you, if you have terminated your membership with effect from 1 November 2018 until 1 February 2020.

The usual requirement of 12 months enrollment, before earning the right to unemployment benefits, will not apply to your situation.

To be re-enrolled as a member, you will have to pay the membership fee (including the fee for the early retirement scheme if you have paid for this during your membership) equivalent to the period where you have not been a member.

You will not have to pay the administration fee to the unemployment insurance fund (85 DKK per month).


From 1 February until 31 July 2020, you can request to re-enroll as a member. You can do so by sending us a message via or by sending us an email at


Residence requirement